Monday, November 19, 2012

Railroaded, Food Porn and Foul Legacies

Food Porn
Foul Legacies

  1. Railroad/US: It has recently come to my attention that there were elections. During these election people were cast into "Stalls" where those cast people cast votes. With all this casting I find it remarkable that so little fish were caught. I mean seriously have you seen the prices of fish at the supermarket. Its outrageous. I would also like to congratulate the American people on voting. Good Job. I hope you received an adequately patriotic sticker for your trouble. From my experience you should have all written in that you would like to see less commercials. Or more facts in said commercials, or happier negative commercials. I honestly believe that I am negative enough for every-one. I was actually considering medicinal mood alterations for awhile. But its over now and you have no one to blame but yourself.
  2. Food porn: I am a fan. I will also be attempting to make this. Cannibal Apple Pie or Cannapple Pie. I will post pictures when I have them.
  3. A Foul Legacy: As whenever this time of year comes around I like bring a few things to your attention. First of all, Turkeys are horrible monstrous being that deserve what they get. Most of you know about the mythical first Thanksgiving, American's dressed in ridiculous garb got together for a big meal. The Native population almost attacked the (Must be said like John Wayne) "Pilgrums" when they were found in the woods speed loading blunderbuss' and killing Turkey's wholesale. What most of you don't know is why they had the feast in the first place. No it wasn't because lack of appropriate refrigeration would mean that all those birds they has slaughtered would go waste in about 48 hours. It was because the dark and evil "Turkey Overlords" had held the Native Population as their slaves for thousands of years. Then in one afternoon they were all set free. And what goes best with freedom? Food and lots of it, followed by the slow and deliberate re-enslavement and having their land stolen, then opening Casino's.